Support Approach Team

Support Approach Services ChartThe Support Approach Team provides consultation services to assist to PDD funded support teams working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behaviours of concern. Under the supervision of a Registered Social Worker and a Registered Psychologist, Support Approach Consultants assist teams with designing and implementing strategies to help individuals meet their needs through alternative (non-problem) behaviour. Time-limited consultation is available to referred individuals receiving funding through the Calgary Region Community Board, Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), including Family Managed Services.

Consultation is available on an ongoing basis to referred individuals who participate in other Supported Lifestyles services.

A Registered psychologist provides counseling services to individuals participating in other Supported Lifestyles services.

Program Goals:

  • Assisting teams to assess behaviour of concern, develop supports, and train teams to implement support plans
  • Assist Supported Lifestyles teams to monitor implementation of support plans
  • Provide education and training to direct support providers
  • Provide educational workshops and groups to individuals with developmental disabilities

Consultation activities:

Ongoing consultation for Supported Lifestyles clients

  • Behaviour assessment
  • Client Profile development
  • Enhanced training
  • Monitoring implementation

Time-limited consultation for other services*

  • Behaviour assessment
  • Recommend support strategies
  • Coach staff

Staff education and training - topics

  • Positive Approaches & Restrictive Procedures
  • Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support
  • Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol
  • Other topics

Client education – groups

  • Women’s group
  • Men’s group
  • Anger Management group
  • Social Skills group
  • Sex Education & Health Relationships
  • Cyber-Safety group

Counseling for Supported Lifestyles clients

Location of Services:

The Support Approach Team offices are found at 210, 495 36 Street NE, Calgary, T2A 6K3

Hours of Support:

Office hours for the Support Approach team: Monday to Friday; 0830 to 1630. After-hours contacts will be received the next business day.